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Three Minute Bible Story Timeline

This YouTube video contains the Bible story in just 3 minutes. For a more detailed study of the Bible story, please send us a message using the Contact menu choice above. We would be happy to spend time talking  with you about God's word.

And If Not

Have you ever felt alone in your convictions, in your faith? Have you ever faced consequences in doing what is right? Have you ever asked the question, "What if God doesn't deliver me from this trial?" The three young men in Daniel 3 teach us how to stand up for God even in difficult circumstances. Check the new sermon listing on the right for a link to the audio of this lesson.

Making the Most

Death has a way of making us think. It certainly made the rich man consider what was most important, in the parable given by Jesus in Luke 16. The truth is all of us will experience death, unless the Lord comes first, and it will be asked of us, "What did they do with their life?" In this lesson we are challenged to make the most of our life; to use our time and our talents in a way that will please and honor our God.

New Sermons posted on the Selection and Work of Deacons

As North Hixson begins the process of appointing additional deacons, several related sermons have been preached. Two of these have been posted to the web site where you may listen to them, download them, or forward them to others.

Teach Us to Number Our Days

The psalmist wrote, "So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psa 90:12). How much time do you have and how should you use it? Jordan Shouse addresses this matter in a new sermon posted to the archives and linked in the right column of this page.

What You Have a Right to Expect From Your Brethren

A lesson by Bill Walton titled, "What You Have a Right to Expect From Your Brethren," has been added to the sermon files.

New Bible Class Curriculum

A number of years ago North Hixson adopted the Amplified Bible Curriculum (ABC) for our children’s Bible classes. This curriculum has served us well but an alternative with great promise has been identified and will be tested during the next two quarters. This curriculum is called Our Spiritual Heritage (OSH).

We are glad to announce that on Jan 6th we will implement this new curriculum for for our children aged preschool through 6th grade.

The attachment is intended to familiarize you with this new teaching system. Please look it over it and you will see why many are so enthusiastic about this approach to teaching chidren.

We know that many parents believe their children will profit from learning more about God and His word. If you are one of these and are in our area, we invite you and your familily to visit us and let your children participate in this new learning opportunity.

Click here for Introduction to Our Spiritual Heritage
Bible Class Cirrrulum for Children


Wednesday April 16 2014

Old Testament: Josh 2-4 Josh 2-4

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