Young People's Weekend

Young People's Weekend

Young People's Weekend

July 26-28

Middle School through College age invited


The 5th annual Young People's Weekend is being lead by Brent Moody from Kleinwood, Texas. This is going to be an intensive but very practical study of an important Old Testament book. Daniel has much to say about the type of difficulties we deal with in our world and about the future hope that came with Jesus and will culminate in his return. Come spend time and be encouraged with Brent and other young people digging into the word of God. 

Please fill out the information at this link (links to external Google Form), including your name and age. If you need a place to stay for the weekend, please indicate so in the comment section. Our members are ready to open their homes! They can provide lodging and transportation to the weekend studies.  If you are traveling in a group (family/friends) and would like to stay in the same place, please indicate so, and provide their names in the comment section. We're looking forward to having you with us! 

Here's the schedule for the young people's weekend: 


7:30pm - Introduction, "Can we trust Daniel?"


9am - "The God Who Reveals" (Dan 2 & 3)

10am - "The God Who Rescues" (Dan 3 & 6)

11am - "The God Who Rules" (Dan 4 & 7)

2pm - "Pray Like Daniel" (Dan 9)

7:30pm - "Kingoms of Men and The Ancient of Days" (Dan 7-8)


9am - "The Future of God's People" (Dan 10 - 11)

10am - "Blessed is He Who Waits" (Dan 12)


If you are coming to the young people's weekend, please click here to register (external link to Google Forms). 


We hope you'll be able to join us for an encouraging and uplifting weekend!