“The Cashier with the Beautiful Eyes”

The cashier at Food City has the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen. She has been so kind; she has greeted you, she has asked about your kids, she has even given you some tips on how to tenderize your pot roast most effectively.


As she hands you your receipt, with a gentle smile on her face—It runs through your head… you know what you need to do, and you know what you need to say…but you just stand there, and say nothing.


She hands you the receipt. You grab it. You smile. You say good bye. And you leave.


Three days later, as you’re sitting on your back porch enjoying a nice glass of sweet tea, strange things begin to happen.


You see something so glorious and wonderful descending from the skies, you hear this cry of command, angelic voices begin to sing, the sound of a trumpet can be heard, tombs begin to open, and dead men rise.


As men, women, and children begin to ascend to the clouds, it hits you… this is the Day of Judgement. …


As the Lord takes His seat on His high and lofty throne, all nations gather before Him, all knees bow, all tongues confess, and everyone cries out, “Holy, Holy, Holy!”


The Lord begins to separate, as all lie prostrate.


You look to your left, and the most familiar and beautiful eyes you have ever seen are staring right at you…It’s the cashier…


As she’s trembling in fear, full of sorrow, guilt, and anguish, she whispers something ever so softly to you.


The words, “You never mentioned Him to Me…” painfully pierce through your ears.


As these words roll off her tongue you hear another voice thundering from the throne of God crying out to her, “Depart from Me, you cursed, into eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” …


Friends, sadly, this tragedy will be a reality for so many of us who have had the opportunity to share the gospel with our friends, our neighbors, our relatives, our co-workers, or that cashier with the beautiful eyes, but we never mentioned Him them.


This year, we have had the congregational goal: Rise and Build.  As we reflect on all that has been said and done this year, we must ask ourselves if we have really put forth the effort to rise and build.


From what I can see, we have. I am very proud of all the time, planning, and effort that so many of you have put in toward achieving this goal. Many of you have gone well beyond your comfort zones, and have done so much this year for the glory of God.


Whatever category you find yourself in: Having done little, or having done much, we all have room to improve.


There is always work to do in the Kingdom.  This is a great work. It’s a work that is so great, it had the power to expel Christ from the glories of Heaven and come to this earth to seek and save that which was lost.


 Let’s join Him in this effort. Keep working. Never Quit, and just do it…look her in those beautiful eyes, and mention Him, today.   


- Timothy G. Ruffin

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