“Moral Excellence”

" your faith supply moral excellence.." 2 Peter 1:5

The second quality mentioned by Peter is virtue, or as the NASB states, moral excellence. The idea behind this word is one devoted to doing what is right, and opposed to doing what is wrong. This is someone who is commited to honesty, and modesty. Their concern is for their integrity rather than their social status. Moral excellence is doing the right thing every time, all the time. 

As you can see, this isn't easy to do. It is difficult to be committed to doing right all the time, especially when surrounded by peers who don't seem to be concerned with right and wrong. Moral excellence requires courage, inward strength. It can be discouraging, considering the diligent sacrifice of those who purposfully do good compared to those who live for themselves, but Paul reminds us not to lose heart, because the things we do today will determine what we will receive in eternity (Galatian 6:9-10). Those who sow evil, selfish, careless deeds will reap pain and punishment in eternity, but those who sow good seeds, doing good towards others, living for God and committed to the right thing, they will reap life (Matthew 25:46). 

So perhaps of the 8 qualities mentioned in this chapter, the one you need to work on is moral excellence. It begins by doing the right thing today. Take control of yourself, your words, and your actions. Force yourself to think through what you say, or how you behave. Consider if this is something God would find pleasing, or acting in a way that Jesus would behave. Don't settle for the wrong kind of living - be devoted to doing what is right. In the words of a prayer offered to high school graduates, "Lord help them to choose the more difficult right rather than the easier wrong." May this prayer be on our lips as we begin each day!