“Two Questions”


I believe there are two important questions every person should ask themselves:

1. If not me, then who? We can look at this question through several lenses. We can ask it about how I worship. Singing passionately - if not me, then who? Coming prepared to study and participate - if not me, then who? Being an encouragement to others - if not me, then who? We can ask this question about our behavior towards others. Talking to this person about the gospel - if not me, then who? Asking my neighbor for a Bible study - if not me, then who? Extending words of forgiveness to someone who has recently sinned - if not me, then who? We can often find ourselves shifting responsibility on to other people, only to let opportunities pass us by. Remember Mordecai's words to Esther (Esther 4:14) - it could be that you are in a place and position for a purpose. What God is looking for in His call for workers, is not those who will point to others, but those like Isaiah who will say, "Here am I, send me!" (Isaiah 6:8) Who will provide an example of a godly mate, a godly parent, a diligent faithful Christian; who will work hard for Jesus, seeking after souls, spending hours in the Word and in prayer for others - if not me, then who?

2. If not now, then when? We can fall into this trap easy. We want to do certain things, or take on certain habits, one day. I can't do it today - there's too much going on. However one day I'll do what I need to do, become who I should become, etc. So we can ask about being a spiritual influence in the home - if not now, then when? Coming to services regularly, ready to worship - if not now, then when? Repenting of sins, confessing faith in Jesus, being baptized - if not now, then when? Becoming a Bible class teacher - if not now, then when? Inviting the members over to my house to get to know them better - if not now, then when? Seeking or offering forgiveness with a brother or sister in Christ whom I've struggled with - if not now, then when? So often we make great plans on what we will do or who we will become in the future without considering that someday may never come. This day may be my last day. Life is just like a vapor, here and then gone (James 4:14). This thinking also fails to consider how much time is wasted by not seizing the moment. Instead of becoming a faithful, dynamic Christian, influencing the church, my home, and others for Christ today, I remain as I am hoping to do so one day. Paul would remind us that NOW is the acceptable time (2 Corinthians 6:2). When Ananias spoke with Paul about baptism, he asked, "Why do you delay?" (Acts 22:16)

What is the answer to these questions? 

1. I am fully capable of becoming a faithful, strong, obedient Christian. I am capable of worshipping God with passion and heart. I am capable of being a spiritual influence in my home, helping my family draw closer to Jesus. I am capable of talking with others about Jesus. I can do all these things because God has said so - Philippians 4:13

2. Now is the time. I'm not going to wait another day before I start building good, godly habits. I am going to set aside time to read and pray TODAY. I am going to start some spiritual exercises for my family TODAY. I am resolving to go back to services and contribute to the worship and work TODAY. I am going to stop sinning and seek God's forgiveness TODAY. I am going to be baptized for the forgiveness of my sins TODAY. This day is what God has given to it. I won't waste it by shifting today's responsibilities to tomorrow. I will make the most of every moment God has blessed me with. I will seek after and obey God today! 

Can we help you with this? Would you like someone to study with? Would you like some prayers? Please contact us if we can help you become the person God wants you to be today!